Anna Karamanou_Speeches
 Curriculum Vitae
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Political Association of Greek Women, VicePresident

Former  President of the European Parliament Committee

on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality


Member of the European Parliament (1997-2004), elected member of the Bureau of the Socialist Group, elected Chairperson of the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality of the European Parliament.  Gender justice, human rights, democracy, life-long learning, active citizenship, conflict resolution, European integration and international politics have been at the centre of her  interests.


An active feminist and trade-unionist of the Telecommunications sector (1974-1992), member of the Women’s Committee of the European Trade Unions Confederation (ETUC, 1988-91), a national expert of the European Commission on gender equality issues: 1) “Diversification of Educational and Vocational choices of women”, 1982-1989 and 2) “Women in decision-making”, 1992-1996. 

The  project leader of “Training Women in New Technologies”, Syros island, 1993-1996.


 The State General Secretary for Equality (1996-97). Founder & general secretary of the Greek "Political Association of Women" (1997-2004),  member of the board of “the Front of Reason against Nationalism” (1994-2000), member of the Association of Women Scientists, the Chairperson of PASOK Women (1994-2001),  Vice-President of the Socialist International of Women (1996-2003),  elected vice-president  of PES Women (2004-2015).


Education:  An AFS student in USA (1965-66).    Graduate of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens:  1) School of Philosophy (1978), 2) Master’s Degree (with honors),  in European and International Studies,  (2006) and  3)  Ph.D (with honors) in Political Science & Public Administration (2014).

Member of the Greek Association of Political  Science.  


In 1999 she was awarded the prize of “Peace and Friendship A. IPEKCI”, for contributing  to the Greek-Turkish rapprochement.


 PUB LICATIONS by Anna Karamanou:


§     The Greek Women in Education and Employment, 1984, edit. OAED, Athens,

§     Social Security and Gender Equality, 2002, edit. Socialist Group of the European Parliament

§     “The Changing Role of Women in Greece”, 2003, in, Greece in the Twentieth Century, edit.  ELIAMEP, Frank Cass, London Portland

§     “The Gender Dimension in International Politics”, 2007, International and European Politics, journal, 4th issue, April 2007, Athens

§     What kind of Europe do we want? From EMU to Political Integration” Civil Society, journal  Issue 14, September 2008, Athens

§     “The European Orientation of Turkey and its Impact on the Position of Women: From Kemalist Modernisation to Political Islam”, 2008, in Gender Equality Policies-European Framework and National Practices, Panteion University, ed. Maria Stratigaki, Gutenberg, Athens

§     “Multiculturalism, Human Rights and Gender Equality”, 2011,  in, Cross-Cultural Dialogue in EU,      after the Lisbon Treaty, Indictos Publications, Athens

§     Europe and Women’s Rights: the Europeanization in Greece and Turkey- a  comparative analysis, 2015, Papazissis publishers


§     Many articles and interviews in Greek and European newspapers and journals, as well as many essays and papers prepared for meetings and conferences  (among others, at the universities: Athens,  National and Kapodistrian and Panteion University, USA Harvard, Boston, South-Eastern, and Georgetown,  Bilgi Turkey and Cyprus.


§     Born, 3 May 1947, has a daughter and three granddaughters